KifuGen for nice and fast kifu print. Creates printable kifu pictures for a board game called GO.

Current features

  • Display only the basic game
  • Easy to use
  • Nice for print
  • Choosing the max number of moves per diagram
  • View comments
  • View game info
  • Selection of image size

How to print kifu

To print kifu go to page KifuGen. There are two possibilities to post SGF file:
  • Chose SGF file on your computer and click show kifu.
  • Insert http address form KGS Game Archives and click show. Link is under column "Viewable?" (right click on "Yes" and copy link location).
To print kifu click print kifu.

Integration with KGS - experimental

View list of KGS Game Archives on page KGS, where it is added a new link to show Kifu ("View sgf").

It is experimental. Working is not guarantied.

Terms of use

  • The service is free of cost.
  • Do not abuse bugs or resources.
  • No warranty of any kind is provided.